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Who are we?

Cascade Off-Road is that beautiful blend of people, machines, and the community.  Bringing it all together for an adventure, common thread, and building memories.  We like to mirror the experience for Cascade Off-Road similar to the fire at the campsite; when all the dust settles, everyone gathers around, enjoys their favorite beverage, feasts on a meal, and laughs about the days adventure.  To us, life is an adventure, question is, what machine and equipment are you taking along?


Jeff - Information Technology leader by day and motorsport enthusiast in the off hours.  Born and raised in Oregon, passionate about the outdoors and seeing the great things nature has to offer.   Been around motorsports and operating machines since he was five; everything from dirt bikes, motorcycles, cars, even heavy machinery.  He is an enthusiast for all motorsports.


Aaron – Master certified ASE technician, Journeyman Electrician, Welder, Manual Machinist, and amateur race car driver.  Born in Idaho, raised in southern Oregon.  An aficionado for all things motorized.  Started drag racing competitively at eight years old and never shook the habit.  He likes exploring the pacific northwest on anything with wheels, from the forests to the beach, and all the racetracks in-between.   

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